Shengyu Huang 黄盛宇

I am a third-year PhD student in Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Lab of ETH Zürich, jointly supervised by Prof. Dr. Konrad Schindler and Prof. Dr. Andreas Wieser.

I obtained my master degree in Goematics Engineering from ETH Zürich. My undergraduate study was done in Shanghai, where I spent my first year in Mathematics but changed my direction and completed a bachelor in Surveying and Mapping Engineering at Tongji University.

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My research interest lies in 3D vision, machine learning and robotics. I am particularly interested in exploring principles behind challenging practical tasks. If you find my work interesting and would like to chat or want to do master thesis/semetser project with me, feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

clean-usnob Dynamic 3D Scene Analysis by Point Cloud Accumulation
Shengyu Huang, Zan Gojcic, Jiahui Huang, Andreas Wieser,Konrad Schindler
ECCV, 2022
paper / code / project / video/ poster/ bibtex

clean-usnob ImpliCity: City Modeling from Satellite thumbnail with Deep Implicit Occupancy Fields
Corinne Stucker, Bingxin Ke, Yuanwen Yue, Shengyu Huang, Iro Armeni, Konrad Schindler ISPRS Congress, 2022, (Best Young Author Award)
paper / code / bibtex
Result of an IPA project at ETH Zurich where I served as the advisor.
clean-usnob PREDATOR: Registration of 3D Point Clouds with Low Overlap
Shengyu Huang*, Zan Gojcic*, Mikhail Usvyatsov, Andreas Wieser,Konrad Schindler
CVPR, 2021, (Oral)
paper / code / project / video/ poster/ talk(中文) / bibtex

clean-usnob Indoor Scene Recognition in 3D
Shengyu Huang, Mikhail Usvyatsov, Konrad Schindler
IROS, 2020
paper / code / video / bibtex

clean-usnob Classification of Point Clouds for Indoor Components Using Few Labeled Samples
Hangbin Wu, Huimin Yang, Shengyu Huang, Doudou Zeng, Chun Liu, Hao Zhang, Chi Guo, Long Chen
Remote Sensing, 2020
paper / bibtex

clean-usnob Unsupervised hyperspectral remote sensing image clustering based on adaptive density
Huan Xie, Ang Zhao, Shengyu Huang, Jie Han, Sicong Liu, Xiong Xu, Xin Luo, Haiyan Pan, Qian Du,Xiaohua Tong
IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2018
paper / code / bibtex


Ph.D. student, ETH Zurich, Oct. 2020 - present

Research Scientist intern, NVIDIA Toronto AI Lab, April 2022 - Dec. 2022

M.Sc. in Geomatics, ETH Zurich, Sep. 2018 - Aug. 2020

B.Eng. in Surveying and Mapping Enginnering, Tongji University, Sep. 2015 - June 2018

Freshman, Mathematics, Tongji University, Sep. 2014 - Sep. 2015

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Conference: CVPR'21 & 22, ICCV'21, ECCV'22, 3DV'22, IROS'20 & 21

Journal: T-PAMI, RA-L, ISPRS Journal


I am a die-hard Lakers fan, Kobe Bryant inspires me the most so far. During my undergraduate study, I fell in love with Chinese indie music, Zhi Li 李志 was one of my favorites, I admire him for bringing live music to rural areas in China, check his “叁叁肆”计划 if you are interested. I think 罗大佑 is the greatest Chinese singer. Besides research / work, I like running, hiking and playing basketball.

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